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2016-2017 Selection of Media Events


                                                                                        Featured Article:        What is it About 20-Somethings?

                                                                                        New York Times, Robin Marantz Henig, 8/18/2010

                                                                                             This question pops up everywhere, underlying concerns
                                                                                             about  “failure to launch” and “boomerang kids.”

                                                                                        Featured Article:        Don’t Insult Kids by Comparing Trump to Them

                                                                                        New York Times, Jeffrey Arnett, 5/18/2017

                                                                                            Can we all please stop using “child” and “adolescent” as epithets? David Brooks laid out the ways that
                                                                                            President Trump is still a child, and therefore deficient.





Millennials are narcissistic?... »

BBC News,  11/17/17

“… Psychologists are divided. Some say the evidence that the young have become ‘Generation Me’ is overwhelming..."

18-year-olds can barely rent cars...»  

 The Boston Globe,  11/02/17

“… 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds are different from 13- and 14-year-olds. They may not be mature adults, but they’re no longer adolescents, either. They’re something in between."

5 tips for having good relationships with your ...»  

  Gears of Biz,  10/02/17

A 2014 poll of young adults from researchers at Clark University in Massachusetts found that young adults today stay in frequent contact with their parents.

Today's "screenagers" are taking longer... »  

 Healthline,  10/06/17

Experts say today’s teenagers are waiting to get a driver’s license, start drinking, and engage in sex. Why are they reluctant to enter adulthood?

Ignore The Bullshit: iPhones are not destroying...»  

Buzzfeed,  8/20/17

“...evidence overwhelmingly shows that the self-esteem and self-belief of today’s emerging adults is not “too high” by any reasonable reckoning."

Do Smartphones Delay Sex and Dating? »  

 Psychology Today,  8/16/17

“According to researcher and popular author, Dr. Jean Twenge, the answer is, ‘Yes!’ … Many others, such as Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, have raised questions regarding her methodology..."

5 ways college has changed since... »

NBC News,  7/20/17

“… Young people are delaying adulthood in all aspects of life: education, moving out, marriage, kids, and career. According to the Clark University Poll of Emerging Adults..."

how to thrive in an empty nest »  

 The New York Times,  8/02/17

‘'Parents really do grieve, but there is also an upside to your kids moving into this new stage of life, a real sense of freedom for the parents’"

Unfair Criticism of College Students »  

 Valley News,  4/21/17

“… College students in general have been mocked of late for immature and occasionally violent attacks on free speech — although critics should be careful about slandering a generation for a few incidents."

Panicking with Grace... »  

 America Magazine,  6/20/17

Psychologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett argues for the recognition of a new stage of psychological development, which he calls ‘emerging adulthood.’”

what girls get right about... »  

 The Science of Us,  4/14/17

‘In the earlier part of your 20s, ‘you’re forming a definite identity — a lot of identity play, a lot of trying out different versions of yourself to see who you really are...'

where are millennials moving? »  

 International Business Times,  4/11/17

There are a number of possible reasons why Millennials are not buying homes. … ‘Millennials are a generation of what I call ‘adventure movers.’

Dartmouth Conference asks whether colleges... a> »  

 Valley News,  4/10/17

‘Will The Millennials Ever Grow Up?’ ‘I’m happy to tell you the answer is yes,” began Arnett. ‘People were asking the same question 25 years ago about Generation X and they did grow up..."

my parents are my roommates... »  

 WNPR,  4/3/17

More young adults live in their parents’ homes today than in 1940. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 34 percent of the nation’s millennials live in their childhood bedrooms...

the alternative spring break that... »

Deseret News, 4/3/2017

… A group of college students planning a service trip may not rank high among young adult accomplishments, but this is a generation where for the first time in the modern era...

millennials: unraveling fact from fiction »  

 Ottawa Family Living,  3/29/17

… A new book, The Millennial Mindset, aims to help us make sense of this generation and where it’s headed.  

why won't people stop...narcissism »

True Viral News, 3/29/2017

"It’s incredibly unfair to call Millennials narcissistic, or to say they’re more so than previous generations,’ says Jeffrey Jensen Arnett.

here's why millennials don't want to... »  

 Youth Ki Awaaz,  3/22/17

 ...The Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults found that the top three markers for adulthood in this generation are... 

student loan debt isn't responsible... »

Good Call, 1/26/2017

Student loan debt is not the primary reason children "boomerang." Arnett believes children move home for a variety of reasons.

life as a 20-something in madison »  

 Madison Magazine, Andrea Behling,  1/19/17

 ‘I’ve been intentional about not saying my specific age,’ [Winnie K.] says. ‘You get rid of the preconceived notions.’ Her age puts her on the younger end of the generational spectrum known...

you're an adult but your brain might not be one »

CNN, Jacqueline Howard, 12/21/2016

 Overall, most neuroscientists agree that ‘there’s no magic age at which the brain reaches adulthood,’ said Jeffrey Jensen Arnett.

life decisions: making decisions from teens... »  

 Voice of America,  12/08/2016

“How does a young person choose a career? How do you make adult decisions when you don’t feel like one?" Robert Michael and Jeffrey Arnett tackle these questions.

Psychology says you need to achieve these.. »

Business Insider, 11/18/2016

When Jeffrey Jensen Arnett was starting out as a research psychologist, he asked hundreds of people a simple question: ‘Do you feel like you've reached adulthood?’

Why Is Dating in the App Era Such Hard Work? »  

 The Atlantic,  11/2016

Americans are now considered prime candidates for dating from age 14 or younger to close to 30 or older. That's about 15 years, or roughly a fifth of their lives....

A longer road to adulthood  »

Globe Mail, Dougherty/Clarke, 10/18/2016

As the need for education delays entry into adulthood, experts ask: Is it time to redefine what 'growing up' means?

911 Anniversary: Millennials seek hope »  

 Palm Beach Post,  Leslie Streeter, 9/9/2016

“Mike, we got bombed!” That’s what four-year-old Arthur Wesley remembers his mother screaming to his father on Sept. 11, 2001, as they watched television, and saw one plane, and then another...

young adults are more likely to accept help... »

Market Watch, Jillian Berman, 8/1/2016

I was eight months out of college and feeling pretty good about myself when first confronted with the reality that I perhaps wasn’t as much of an adult as I thought.

end of the empty nest »  

 Columbia Daily Tribune,  6/24/2016

Today’s parents of young adults ‘were the young people of the famous generation gap of the ’60s and ’70s; they were complaining that their parents were so stuffy.

a joy or a drag? Parents whose adult »

Washington Post, 5/31/2016

A study released last week by the Pew Research Center found that 32 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds now [live at home]

millennial men are more likely to live at home »  

  Cosmopolitan, Hannah Smothers 5/26/2016

Knowing what we know, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise to learn that there are more Millennial men living at home with their parents than living on their own with romantic partners.

more millennials moving to denver, says report »

Denver Bus. Journal, Ben Miller, 4/6/2016

Only two other U.S. cities are attracting more millennials moving in than Denver, according to a new report. …

experiences, not family ties , lead millennials »  

 The CW, Tulsa, OK, 4/5/2016

 'More than any generation before them, millennials have the freedom and flexibility to make moves in search of new experiences and opportunities,’ said Dr. Jeffrey Arnett.

will you sprint, stroll, or stumble into a career? »

New York Times, Jeffrey J. Selingo, 4/5/2016

At the age of 18, G. Stanley Hall left his home in the tiny village of Ashfield, Mass., for Williams College, just 35 miles away, with a goal to ‘do something and be something in the world.’

experiences, not family ties, lead »

 Yahoo Finance, 4/4/2016

It seems distance does not make the heart grow fonder – especially if you're between the ages of 18 and 35.

four ways talented 20-somethings »

Forbes, Daniel R. Porterfield, 3/21/2016

Wes Fillman chose a liberal arts college because he knew a great education would enhance his future. But he never could have imagined his early professional trajectory unfolding as it did.

How to help kids make the leap »

 RLTV, Elizabeth Fishel, 2/29/2016

Eight years after the Great Recession hit, entering the adult world of work remains a perilous transition for young people.

psychology says you need to »

Business Insider UK, Drake Baer, 1/12/2016

When Jeffrey Jensen Arnett was starting out as a research psychologist, he asked hundreds of people a simple question: ‘Do you feel like you've reached adulthood?’

millennials must make their own »

 The Daily Trojan, Jordyn Holman, 2/21/2016

“…But for all the young adults who are going through their 20s right now, settling down and locking down a full-time job becomes less and less plausible given the economy and changing American society.."

the three things that mean you »

The Independent, Mollie Goodfellow, 1/15/2016

If you've achieved these three things, you can say you're an adult

when are you really an adult »

 The Atlantic, Julie Beck, 1/05/2016

Is there a point at which you stop physically developing, when you are officially an “adult” organism? That depends on what measure you choose.

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