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2018-2019 Selection of Media Events


                                                                                        Featured Article:        What is it About 20-Somethings?

                                                                                        New York Times, Robin Marantz Henig, 8/18/2010

                                                                                             This question pops up everywhere, underlying concerns
                                                                                             about  “failure to launch” and “boomerang kids.”

                                                                                        Featured Article:        Don’t Insult Kids by Comparing Trump to Them

                                                                                        New York Times, Jeffrey Arnett, 5/18/2017

                                                                                            Can we all please stop using “child” and “adolescent” as epithets? David Brooks laid out the ways that
                                                                                            President Trump is still a child, and therefore deficient.





Corporate America needs to understand  », 2/14/2019

... Their development is stunted: more people ages 18 to 29 live with their parents than with a spouse, according to the 2012 Clark University Poll of Emerging Adults...

Stuck on yourself...(link unavailable)»  

 Brain World, Winter 2019 

Some also wonder whether the [Narcissistic Personality Inventory] is a reliable test for gauging narcissism. ‘The main flaw is in the way narcissism is measured,’ say Arnett.

Millennials Are Changing The Face Of Adulthood  »  

Rocket HQ, 11/15/2019

Over the last few years, the term ‘adulting’ has popped into society’s vernacular. … Millennials’ usage of the term suggests a level of psychic discomfort. Millennials have a desire to be a part of the adult...

The college payoff »  

 Psychology Today, 11/22/2019

It makes a lot of sense for young people (and their parents) to do what they can to make it possible to reach the goal of a college degree, even if it means taking on debt that seems daunting at the time.

Teens seem to be taking longer to grow up  »  

Washington Post, 9/4/2019

… There is even a name for the phenomenon marked by slowed maturation: emerging adulthood. Developed by Jeffrey Arnett, a research professor of psychology at Clark University, the term refers...

When kids grow up: How to support adult children  »  

Washington Post, 8/27/2019 

There’s no shortage of advice for managing the early years of parenting, but a child’s journey from late adolescence to early adulthood can be just as challenging for parents, maybe even more so.

The spirit of woodstock 50 years later  »  

Psychology Today, 8/16/2019

Research Professor Jeffrey Jensen Arnett authored this blog. “… The truth is, the Baby Boomers were never as revolutionary as they seemed. There were revolutionaries among them, to be sure, and...

Confirmed: Millennial men live...»  

  Yahoo Finance, 5/17/2019 

More millennial men are choosing to live with their parents compared to previous generations, according to an analysis by J.P. Morgan. …Clark University Psychology Professor Jeffrey Arnett responds.

Do We Really Need a New Term...  »  

Psychology Today, 5/4/2019

In a recent CBS This Morning episode, life coach Barbara Waxman suggests that the term ‘middlescence’ should replace midlife crisis.  Clark University’s Jeffrey Arnett responds.

Stuck on yourself...(pdf)»  

 Brain World, Winter 2019 

Some also wonder whether the [Narcissistic Personality Inventory] is a reliable test for gauging narcissism. ‘The main flaw is in the way narcissism is measured,’ say Arnett.

Dont think the worst about your teenager  »  

Wall Street Journal, 1/30/2019 

Though the teen years can be a turbulent time, decades of research show that these stereotypes aren’t inevitable or biological, and they certainly don’t apply to the overwhelming majority of teens….

Millennials in the Workplace »  

 BBC Radio 4, 1/23/2019 

Professor Arnett is interviewed about emerging adults and millennials in the workplace. “Young people are being measured by the old yardsticks, by especially their parents and their grandparents.

Becoming an adult: Why more adolescents.. »  

 Christian Science Monitor, 1/14/2019 

Each generation has expectations for the next. But the social stimuli that shape young adults have seldom changed as dramatically as they have for the current crop.

how to deal with a vaping epidemic »  

Worcester T&G, 12/10/2018 

The decline in smoking over the past 20 years is a promising trend and has preserved the lives and health of millions of people.

Late to Launch: The Post-Collegiate Struggle »  

 New York Times, 12/03/2018 

Despite a low unemployment rate, many young adults lack job prospects that mesh with their idealized vision of the post-college world.

Do adults develop? »  

 Psychology Today, 11/14/2018 

In recent decades, there has been more attention to adolescence, and recently a field of ‘emerging adulthood’ dedicated to development at ages 18-29 has arisen.

when do you become an adult? »  

 Kopitiam Bot , 10/10/2018 

Page missing

psst...your millennials are depressed», 10/15/2018 

The mental health of the next generation is increasingly fraught at work. What can you do to help?

Paper by Jeffrey Arnett says technology use... »  

 Worcester T&G, 9/22/2018 

Cellphones and video games have garnered plenty of blame for society’s ills. But a Clark University researcher makes the case they may be beneficial in at least one way: keeping youths safer.

Why Are Teenagers Playing It Safe? »  

 Psychology Today, 9/3/2018 

In a recent article published in Archives of Scientific Psychology, Arnett provides an overview of risk behavior in adolescents which seems downright encouraging for anyone despairing about the future.

9 Dos and Don’ts for Making... », 8/9/2018 

In a national survey of more than 1,000 parents of young adults by Clark University in 2013, Dr. Jeffrey Arnett found that parents experience a range of emotions.

where are millennials moving? »  

 New York Times,  7/26/18

Being admitted to college doesn’t mean a student is ready for it. Parents can encourage kids to step up their levels of personal responsibility while still in high school.

A plan for your children...»  

 Wall Street Journal,  7/17/18

"Parents should start talking with their children early in high school about what they can and can’t provide for college, and again in junior year when they prepare to apply"

Could an Early Retirement Help You Live...  

U.S. News and World Report 6/21/2018 

 "If someone has been in a demanding profession, I can imagine [retirement] could come as a relief,’ says Jeffrey Arnett"

This Life with Gracie: Grown kids... »

Atlanta Journal Constitution, 6/7/2018

… According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 men ages 25-34 lived in their parents’ home last year. That compares to 12.5 percent of women that age living at home.

Alexa, how do i #adult? », Withers, 5/30/2018

Arnett says he isn’t particularly worried about millennials, or their use of digital assistants.

The 30-year-old who got evicted »

Time, Calfas,  5/24/2018

But young adults with a plan — whether that is continued education, starting a career, applying for jobs, or anything else deemed productive — are typically welcomed with open arms from their 'rents

Millennial stress is financial and existential... »,  5/06/18

This decade of life, the one that falls between adolescence and adulthood, is my current focus. Psychologists call this time period ‘emerging adulthood,’ which spans the ages eighteen to 29...

How to thrive in an empty nest »  

 MyComLink,  3/09/18

 ‘Parents really do grieve, but there is also an upside to your kids moving into this new stage of life, a real sense of freedom for the parents...’

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