(RAD) Rethinking Adult Development:
New Ideas
for New Times

October 18-19, 2018, Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA


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For most of psychology’s history, theory and research on psychological development has largely focused on the early years of life. However, adult development promises to rise in importance in the 21st century, as it changes in ways that will be challenging for individuals and their societies. First, an increasing proportion of the world’s population is in adulthood, as birth rates fall worldwide and life expectancies increase. Second, the nature of family life during adulthood is changing, as single parenthood becomes more prevalent, cohabitation becomes more common as a prelude or a substitute for marriage, and an increasing proportion of adults choose not to have children at all. Third, the nature of work is changing as manufacturing jobs decline and the “knowledge economy” ascends, making work less physically taxing but requiring greater education and training, and potentially leaving behind those who lack access to this preparation. Fourth, the social welfare programs for older adults established in the 20th century will become increasingly strained in the 21st century as the ratio of adult workers to retirees shrinks, possibly shifting the balance of work and leisure in later adulthood. Together, these changes underscore the importance and necessity of rethinking adult development for the decades to come. This special conference will focus on ways of rethinking adult development that will inspire the next generation of research.


    (RAD) Rethinking Adult Development: New Ideas for New Times
      October 18-19, 2018


    Speakers list of accomplished and brilliant scholars representing countries across the globe.


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    Jeffrey J. Arnett

    Clark University, MA, USA

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    Margie E. Lachman

    Brandeis University, MA, USA

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    Oliver Robinson

    University of Greenwich, UK

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    David M. Almeida

    Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA

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    Liam Foster

    University of Sheffield, UK

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    Alexandra M. Freund

    University of Zurich, Switzerland

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    Lene Arnett Jensen

    Clark University, MA, USA

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    Shinobu Kitayama

    University of Michigan, MI, USA

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    Wendy Diane Manning

    Bowling Green State University, OH, USA

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    Dan P. McAdams

    Northwestern University, IL, USA

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    Merril Silverstein

    Syracuse University, NY, USA

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    Ursula M. Staudinger

    Columbia University, NY, USA

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